December 2019 Edition

Artist Focus

Shima Shanti

A focus on the art of Shima Shanti.

Artist Shima Shanti says, “Guided by my heart, I paint with the natural elements of beeswax, pigments and fire; allowing me to infuse the mesmerizing beauty of nature into my art.Intuiting the Divine, encaustic, 36 x 36"Shima’s impressionistic paintings of water in motion are inspired by sea and sky. As with impressionistic art, and especially encaustic painting, creating her work requires she surrender every last bit of ego; letting nature and Spirit guide her.Cloud Speak, encaustic, 36 x 36"In Shima’s studio, she experiments with the unpredictable qualities of beeswax and its mercurial elements. It has taught her to treasure the imperfection and spontaneity of life. She patiently applies up to 50 layers of molten wax mixed with damar resin and pigment onto birch wood; each layer fused with heat. Combining bold and rough-yet-refined texture with satin-smooth finishes that appear both translucent and opaque, her art creates a depth of luminosity that draws the viewer in.Within the Grasp, encaustic, 24 x 24"Growing up in big sky Montana connected her to nature, giving her an innate sense of color and composition. She never expected to become a successful, collected abstract impressionist painter. However, years after moving to the coast of California, and after a successful career in the corporate world, Shima felt that burning creativity that all great artists have and learned the 5,000-year-old art of encaustic painting.

She is both humbled and inspired by the patrons who have acquired her paintings as well as the many galleries across the country that carry her work.

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