March 2022 Edition

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Artist Focus: Paloma Hinojosa

Onessimo Fine Art features the works for artist Paloma Hinojosa for her upcoming solo show.

Whether depicting lively night parties on the beach, Parisian streets or bustling sidewalk cafes of her native Madrid, Paloma Hinojosa’s pantings strive to not just simply re-create the world, but to convey the emotions of memory and place. By elevating sensations over form, Hinojosa aims to speak from the soul. For Hinojosa, art is transcendent. She states, “I am convinced that authentic art is not subject to ‘fashion’ or ‘to the market,’ but comes from the heart and lasts forever. It’s not just for the artist but for the people who see it.”Numa - Restarante en Madrid, oil on canvas, 15 x 16"

Puesta de Sol, oil on canvas, 51 x 51"

Throughout her 40-year career, Hinojosa has established herself as one of Spain’s most recognized and leading neo-impressionist contemporary painters. The self-taught artist defines her aesthetic as spontaneous as she allows her emotions to guide her throughout. The resulting images yield a constructed interplay between realism, abstraction and impressionism.Campo de Golf Junto al Mar, oil on canvas, 39 x 32"

Hinojosa’s style easily draws viewers into a dreamlike world that offers a whimsical escape. Her iconic moon set against night skies in paintings such as Campo de Golf Junto al Mar (Golf Course by the Sea) and Puesta de Sol (Sunset) showcase her ability to transport and connect with viewers. She states, “In my work, the viewer takes a piece of my experiences but links it to their own, and links it to their memories and desires.”

Catch Hinojosa’s work at Onessimo Fine Art for her show The Joy of Living: The Works of Paloma Hinojosa, from March 11 to 13. —

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