March 2022 Edition

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Artist Focus: Cathryne Trachok

“When your gallery asks you if you would like a solo show, there is a thrill and a fear that settle in. The thrill in having someone you respect ask you to do something you love, and the fear that you won’t get everything done in time,” says artist Cathryne Trachok. “But I can honestly say that I am so excited to be doing a solo show at Cheryl Newby Gallery, and the fear has been replaced by eager anticipation.”East of Eden, oil on panel, 16 x 12"

The exhibition, Come Again, is a celebration of returns. Spring will come again, and with the warm weather, the flowers will come again. On a deeper level, the artist says she feels like “the celebrations we once took for granted are coming again with an even greater level of appreciation.”I Can Hear You, charcoal, 30 x 22"

The Next Wave, oil on linen, 20 x 24"Trachok looks at the world with curiosity, everything having some sort of visual impact on her. In the winter, it may be the lack of leaves on the vines in her beautiful Napa home, or the green hills surrounding the valley due to heavy rain. “In the mountains where I grew up, the snow comes, leaving a beautiful white/blue around Lake Tahoe. And in the spring, everything is full of color and buds and warmth mixed with a sense of awe that it did come again. Even after a really tough winter. These are interesting times we live in, but as an artist, I appreciate that there is beauty all around us, and spring will always come again,” she says. Trachok’s upcoming solo exhibition takes place at Cheryl Newby Gallery in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. —

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