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Artist Focus: Kevin Box

Artist Kevin Box takes the art of origami—folding paper in creative ways to produce elegant objects—to another level with his museum-quality metal sculptures. He transforms these paper designs through processes he has pioneered through teamwork with foundries, fabrication shops and his studio staff. Origami in the Garden, an exhibition created by Santa Fe artists Jennifer and Kevin Box, features Box’s own compositions as well as collaborations with world-renowned origami artists Dr. Robert J. Lang, Michael G. LaFosse, Beth Johnson and Te Jui Fu. The exhibition places these artworks in botanical gardens where they feel right at home in their settings since paper originates in plant life and origami is made of paper.KevinBoxStudio and Robert J. Lang, Scents of Sincerity, Rose Kusudama, powder coated fabricated aluminum, 96 x 96 x 96". Photo by Tira Howard.

For the Origami in the Garden team, pre-pandemic years were a time of enormous creative growth, as a caterpillar-like appetite for learning and exploring propelled the sharing of their art in the living context of public gardens. Then COVID-19 hit. Unable to travel, the artists settled into a cocooning phase, turning inward through reflection and studio work. Now the metamorphosis is complete and an enchanting butterfly of exciting new sculptural work has emerged.KevinBoxStudio, Beth Johnson, Michael G LaFosse and Robert J. Lang, Pinwheel Wildflowers, powered coated fabricated aluminum and steel, various sizes.

KevinBoxStudio, Hero’s Horse, powder coated fabricated stainless steel, 216 x 216 x 216"

The largest Origami in the Garden exhibition to date opens May 7 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and continues through October 16. The new artwork is even more connected with the natural world and aligned with the garden environment. It features monumental-scaled blossoms and other botanical subjects, including a 30-foot-tall bouquet of glorious color titled Scents of Gratitude. Another show at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, Virginia, will take place May 28 through November 13. These exhibits allow visitors to experience the artwork’s gift of beauty, joy and peace. —

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