September 2020 Edition

Artist Focus

Neal Hughes

A focus on the artwork of Neal Hughes

Neal Hughes’ personal journey has been that of an illustrator who transitioned to become a fine art painter who works mostly outdoors. “Landscapes and coastal subjects make up the majority of my work and I have been privileged to travel throughout the country to paint in competitions and plein air festivals. I have also had the opportunity to be a workshop instructor,” he says. “The style and techniques I use tend to be traditional, and I have been influenced mostly by masters like Sargent and other American impressionists as well as Homer and the Wyeths.”Boca Light Sunset,  oil, 30 x 30"

Captain’s Chair,  oil, 24 x 30"

Hughes explains, “It is important to me to acknowledge the beauty in creation and to reflect that beauty with my reaction to a subject. I constantly explore new ways of working to have a fresh and unique approach with each painting. Much of the struggle is to create a balance between the facts or truth of a subject and the poetry of personal expression. This has resulted in an impressionistic approach with an emphasis on value and color plans that I use to create original compositions.”Monhegan Garden,  oil, 24 x 30"

In his work, Hughes attempts to elevate the everyday and ordinary and to see beauty that might otherwise be missed. “Plato’s belief that ‘when we experience beauty it is an encounter with the divine’ is an idea that I share and one that provides inspiration for my work,” he says. “It is a blessing to be able to make a living as an artist and I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had throughout my career.” —

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