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Artist focus: L.HUNT

A closer look at the artwork of L.HUNT

For L.HUNT’s upcoming show Drawings he is scaling back a bit by drawing only with colored pencils, using a crosshatching, zigzag and curly-type method in his approach. Each drawing has a monochromatic look to it. For some work, he uses a single color while for others, each element in the piece is drawn with its own color. “The subjects will be mostly figurative,” L.HUNT says, “beautiful women, interesting old men, along with more concept art for my forthcoming book ‘The Drunken Boat’. Into the Storm, colored pencil on illustration board, 20 x 16”L.HUNT has completed the layout of the book and is now working on the first of more than 100 paintings for it. ‘The Drunken Boat’ is L.HUNT’s attempt at a definitive work of Arthur Rimbaud’s classic French poem of the same name. 

“I’m approaching the poem from every angle,” the artist says. “There will also be an audio book and a concept album as companion pieces. You can go to any music outlet and search for the first single ‘No Concern’ by L.HUNT to find out more about the music.”Tweed, colored pencil and acrylic on illustration board, 20 x 16”L.HUNT will host his solo show Drawings, opening with a reception on Saturday, April 29th from 2 to 4 p.m. at his gallery in Southern California. —

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