January 2022 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Xu Gang

A focus on the artwork of Xu Gang

Instead of emotional release, artist Xu Gang calmly focuses and reflects on daily life, condensing his deep love for life into an art conception and slowly emptying it into his paintings. The artist feels that multicultural backgrounds provide more developmental space for art in society today.  South Asia Azaleas, oil on linen, 23½ x 28½"

Still Life with Cockscombs, oil on linen, 45½ x 35"

“I love to wander in nature, keeping an eye on trivial life, searching and creating sceneries appropriate for expressing my feelings,” says the artist. “I hope to create touching paintings[that blend] my feelings and natural...In my close observing and thinking in nature—a ray of sunshine, a fruit platter, a couple of glittering and translucent wine bottles, a bunch of little flowers, a piece of tablecloth, a corner of table, and the blooming and zealous cockscomb flowers—all [combine] into my favorite theme. Their pure, fresh, rich and exquisite look constantly attracts me, inspiring my passion. I have to paint the splendid, changing and transitory sunlight, expressing my affection for nature with thick colors and interlaced brush strokes, spreading peace...and [the] vitality of life over my paintings, which bring me wonderful feelings.” Afternoon Rest, oil on linen, 23½ x 28½"

The most touching aspect of creating art, Xu Gang explains, comes from the ordinary and great spirit of humans. —

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