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January 2022 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Lisa Sprietsma

A focus on the artwork of Lisa Sprietsma

Lisa Sprietsma’s paintings feature fruit, wishbones, hourglasses and shovels, among other small objects, connected precariously by string and tree branches against backdrops of stormy desert skies. It wasn’t until many years after she graduated with a BFA from the University of Arizona that the artist became attracted to still life paintings. “I’m particularly obsessed with bowls of fruit,” says Sprietsma. “I think they’re so beautiful! We’ve planted a number of fruit trees on our 26-acre property along the San Pedro River: apple, pear, plum, apricot and nectarine trees. These are definitely part of my inspiration.”A Spoon for the Earth (triptych), oil on canvas, 32 x 72"

Sprietsma started out working with very small canvases, but since then her paintings have become quite large, with most of her current work measuring at 4 by 5 feet. “I love the juxtaposition of the small still life scenes against these wild, enormous skies,” she says. “When I paint, I’m making an internal dialogue about life, connecting objects to convey human emotions and the complexity of life—our uncertainties and vulnerability—on a personal and global scale. I’m often thinking about the ways we’re connected to nature and the earth and how we balance (or sometimes refuse to balance) our responsibility to the planet and our daily lives…I hope my images provoke the reader to make up their own story about what’s happening.” Earth’s Wishes, oil on canvas, 59 x 47"

Her work can be found at the Tubac Center for the Arts as well as Belleza Gallery in Bisbee, Arizona. —

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Represented by Belleza Gallery
23 Main Street | Bisbee, AZ 85603
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Facebook: Lisa Sprietsma Fine Art
Instagram: @lisasprietsmafineart

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