September 2021 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Jamel Mohamed

Jamel Mohamed discusses the inspirations and insights behinds his breathtaking oil paintings.

Artist Jamel Mohamed paints to celebrate the infinite oceans of creative energy we have all been blessed to be a part of and that we have the power to attribute as much meaning to any moment of life that we choose. “A vision on the back of your eyelids while falling asleep could be one of the most radiant and impactful moments of your life, should you choose,” he explains. “That is a level of power I very much appreciate; it is vivid, intricate and utterly beautiful. The reminder of being part of something larger than ourselves is an important, uplifting and humbling idea.”Moment of Truth, oil on canvas, 48 x 36"

The Gate III, oil on canvas, 36 x 48"

Mohamed adds, “Everything in creation has led to this moment of us sharing a nearly inexpressible feeling and very much like a dream with a message powerful enough to change a life forever, or just taking a moment to gaze at the clouds rolling by; the idea carries only as much weight as you give it. We may choose to let a dream fade to nothingness, or record and cherish it, getting as much from the message as we can. I am moved by the power of the mind and its ability to dream, as well as the potential to wake from the dream of life as we know it to be.” —

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