November 2020 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Luvensky Valmont

A focus on the artwork of Luvensky Valmont

Healthy things, oil and acrylic on canvas, 30 3/10 x 29"

Luvensky Valmont challenges himself by controlling his emotions and moods with mindfulness practice. “My life is the canvas. I have the brush. I paint feelings,” he says. Getting to know abstract painting is a passionate adventure the artist continuously engages in throughout his creative journey, using abstract painting to represent an opening door where people can find magic. 

“My art comes from my inspirations, emotions and experiences. I rely on my work to seduce people,” he says. Sometimes his paintings are fairly simple, while others often contain attractive symbols and colors that transmit different emotions, feelings of fullness and good vibrations that awaken his motivation to make reflections on oneself, on human existence, on life or the universe. —Take a breathe, oil on canvas, 31 x 30"

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Represented by New York Art  |
Facebook: /luvenskymvalmont
Instagram: @luvensky_valmont
Twitter:  @luvenskyvalmont

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