August 2020 Edition

Artist Focus


A focus on the artwork of Britten

Felicific - increasing happiness, mixed media, 60 x 40"

“The challenges of 2020 thus far have encouraged me to find joy in what was once mundane, to find greater acceptance for imperfection, to grow with reprioritization and find sanctuary within myself,” says Britten. “Most importantly, it has opened my eyes to the collective consciousness and the interconnectedness of humanity; even in separation we can grow in unity.”

Britten finds herself “painting the energy of community,” she explains. “I’ve been exploring the individual as the undivided whole. I find myself painting shapes merging, life intertwined and passionate expression. The art is a representation of my inner self. It is a road map of my evolution. I paint simply to express the beauty I find in exploring creativity in all aspects of life, and the phenomenal power we have to create our own human existence.” —

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