July 2020 Edition

Artist Focus


A focus on the artwork of Britten Elizabeth

Britten, who grew up in San Francisco and studied art in Florence, Italy, has developed a wide range of artistic skills. She works with mixed media, creating luminous pieces that often feel as though they’ve come straight from a dream. The new focus for her artwork is a concept she dubs “Intentional Art.”Efflorescence-inner strength and wisdom, mixed media, 50 x 50"

Message- listening to intuition, mixed media, 60 x 50"“The power of intention fuels these one of a kind collaborative creations. Not a traditional commission, Intentional Art is a co-creation,” says Britten. “The process unfolds by answering questions that lead to clarity on what you want to create or see more of in your life. The painting serves as a mirror of your highest intention, a reminder of the new you and the frequency you are now attracting. It can be used as a meditative tool, visual prayer, energetic tuning device, healing message or simply a beautiful statement of resolve.” —

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