June 2020 Edition

Artist Focus


A focus on the artwork of Britten.

“My paintings are evolving, as we all are. I have always explored the unknown, played with the mystery of creation, yet lately I find myself unveiling even more in my art,” says mixed media artist Britten. 

Each painting begins with a layer of gesso followed by a water-based layer, giving her works their texture. Other materials like gold, silver and copper leaf, as well as oil paint and resin, add a luminous quality. Vivid - living beyond circumstance, mixed media, 60 x 60"

Kissed - a message of awakening, mixed media, 50 x 30"

“Rather than look at something and paint it, I translate something I feel into an image. I see that I paint a view of life from the inside out. Internally ignited, shapes and forms have dynamic presence and colors reflect a hypersensitive spectrum,” says the artist, who is inspired by incandescence, luminosity and radiance. “From this internal perspective of meditative contemplation, light creates a path to follow, regardless of recognizable content. A new paradigm is offered by a shift in perspective. The unknown becomes beautiful and alive with potential.” —

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