November 2019 Edition

Artist Focus

Nadine Charlsen

Nadine Charlsen’s watercolors are inspired by her world travels.

The watercolor art of Nadine Charlsen is an expressive interpretation of her photographs from around the world. She says, “I love visiting noisy cities and bustling streets. Every day is a different wonder, a new world to live in for the moment.” Charlsen’s watercolors are created from the occasion that makes it unique and with its own particular style. The style is a product of the time and place, with the artist explaining, “The versatility is my signature.”Immigration Services – Chinatown, watercolor, 30 x 22"

Charlsen starts with the dark areas of the photo to develop the shadows of the composition before the color. “Watercolor is a very rich medium to create mood through light and dark,” she says. Improvising on the urban landscape that is gritty, stark and rough, she engages a deeper emotion, using shadow, texture, color and glazes to move her art to a more complex tonality.Liberty Beyond Bridges, watercolor, 52 x 44"

The artist recently completed two large watercolor commissions measuring 40 by 60 inches for a corporate client. Her theatrical background as a scenic artist for scenes as large as 80 by 50 feet makes it easy for her to transition to painting large-scale watercolors. Her background as a theatrical set and lighting designer allows her to incorporate her knowledge of light and shadow, large- and small-scale objects, and textures and colors that culminate in the artistic drama she wants the viewer to enjoy. Aran Islands Wormhole, watercolor, 28 x 39"

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