November 2019 Edition

Artist Focus

A K Nicholas

The photography of AK Nicholas blends multiple influences to create an unorthodox aesthetic.

The art of A K Nicholas is an unapologetic celebration of the female nude. It invites the viewer to explore a dreamlike world full of beauty and passion. The camera is merely a starting point on this visual journey to unknown destinations. His fantasy compositions draw upon disparate influences from French modernism nude paintings to more contemporary pinup art, mixed with elements of theatricality and performance. This unorthodox aesthetic blends sensual imagery with a painterly style of manipulated colors.Ava Backstroke, photograph, ed. of 15, 36 x 24"

This view of beauty is not overshadowed by eroticism nor is it obligated to modesty, so it’s not for the timid. By design, these images appeal to select collectors: viewers who engage emotionally and intellectually, seeking inspiration rather than being told what to think.

A K is an American artist who was raised overseas. As a second-generation artist, his third-culture upbringing included visiting galleries and museums in dozens of countries. Although formally trained in painting and drawing, he found photography best suited to convey his ideas.Counterpoise, photograph, ed. of 15, 30 x 20"

The photographs are not intended as a technical tour de force. The technique is sufficient to convey a concept. His artistic philosophy includes no requirement to follow every rule, be predictable or appeal to a mass audience. The results are limited edition archival photographs produced in small quantities. By using pigmented ink on a matte cotton paper, and a single size for each edition, the photographs connect to traditional printmaking. He says, “I feel the most intriguing images leave the viewer either unsure or unconcerned with the precise process of production.” Arecales Umbra Femina, photograph, ed. of 10, 20 x 30"

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