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Artist Focus: Renso Tamse

Renso Tamse is a Dutch artist born and raised in Holland, with wildlife and the natural world at the core of his being. As a child, frustrated by the slow drying time of oil paint, he turned to watercolors, finding their quick application ideal for capturing the realism he sought. “I found I could quickly apply new layers and refine my brushstrokes that capture the spirit of the animal,” says Tamse. While studying at the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts, he discovered his desire to find his own path, preferring realistic drawing and painting.

Silver Guardian, watercolor, 88 x 60"

“For as long as I can remember, I have been storytelling through art,” he says. Indeed, each of his paintings comes with a unique backstory and source of inspiration. He has published two art books and a soon-to-be-released Dutch children’s fable based on his painting The Raven and the Wolf.

Shadow Blue Swan, watercolor, 32 x 32"

Tamse’s art is a modern take on wildlife realism. Some paintings are so lifelike that at first glance, they appear to be photographs but Tamse does not rely on photos, using only multiple sketches and drawings which help him delve into his subjects and compositions.

“I have been able to develop my own technique in watercolor, from processing the paper surface to mastering the delicate balance of water and pigment, finishing with varnish or wax,” he explains.

Renso Tamse at work in his studio.

After decades of success in Europe, Tamse now has an artist representative in the United States to help expand his presence and notoriety. 

Tamse’s work will be a part of the art show and sale Western Visions, taking place this September at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. —

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