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Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Lori Putnam

A closer look at the artwork of Lori Putnam

Lori Putnam’s work is characterized by loose and expressive brushwork, bold use of color and a keen sense of composition. It encompasses a wide range of subject matter, including landscape, still life and figurative works, each executed with a unique blend of realism and abstraction. The landscape paintings seen here capture each scene’s essence, conveying its visual appearance, mood, atmosphere and emotions. Infused with a sense of drama and dynamism, Putnam seeks to capture her subjects’ fleeting light and ever-changing character. “Using luminous and vibrant hues that are both bold and harmonious, my colors have a vibrancy and intensity that add a sense of vitality and personality to the paintings. My art celebrates life, nature and the human experience, rendered with a mixture of skill, passion and creativity.”

Illuminated, oil on linen, 20 x 24"

Painting primarily in oil, Putnam often travels to study and paint a location in preparation for her studio work. Therefore, when she begins a larger canvas from those studies, she rarely refers to photographs. “This ensures the studio pieces are fresh, exciting and full of bravura and feeling,” says the artist.

Setting on Rome, oil on linen, 18 x 24"

Talbot House, oil on linen, 36 x 24"The painting Illuminated,pictured here, is a prime example and will be exhibited during the Oil Painters of America’s National Juried Exhibition in Charleston, South Carolina, which runs March 31 through April 30. —

Want to See More?
(615) 512-0929 | www.loriputnam.com
Represented by Meyer Vogl Gallery
122 Meeting Street  |  Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 805-7144 | www.meyervogl.com
Instagram:  @loriputnamart

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