November 2021 Edition

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Artist Focus: Linda Sacketti

A focus on the artwork of Linda Sacketti

Chicago-based artist Linda Sacketti, is known for her bold colors and strong brushstrokes. “I picked up a brush for the first time when I was 10, and after that I was hooked,” she explains. “Painting has been my passion all my life.”  Tiger Swallowtail, acrylic on wrapped canvas, 16 x 20"

She learned from a very young age how to “see” everything around her, how to notice the subtle colors and shadows. As a self-taught artist, Sacketti has spent years on her craft. The impressionists have always inspired her. She is especially drawn to the art of Vincent Van Gogh because of his use of bold colors and brushstrokes, along with the strong emotions he conveys in his paintings.White Peony, acrylic on wrapped canvas, 24 x 24"

Sacketti has traveled extensively and on each trip she takes photos of the landscapes, flora and fauna of the region. Once she returns to her studio, she references her photos and creates her art.  “Everything in nature inspires me,” Sacketti says. “I love to capture the feelings and emotion of the place, animal or object I paint. I am not a realist. I believe that art should be an interpretation of reality, not a copy.”  

Sailors Delight, acrylic on wrapped canvas, 20 x 24”

She allows her emotions and instinct direct her as she creates a new painting. She explains, “The movement and emotion are what I strive to capture in my work. If my audience feels a connection to my work and a sense of peace, then I have created a successful painting.” —

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