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Artist Focus: J Louis

A focus on the artwork of J Louis

American artist J Louis lives and works in New York City. In his early 20s, the artist was recognized for his vision and has garnered exposure rapidly, exhibiting with many of the finest representational galleries worldwide. His work is currently collected and represented in numerous prestigious collections.Untitled, oil on cradled linen panel, 75 x 180"

His oil paintings are done on linen panels, skillfully expressing modelesque figures as the center of attention. Although evocative and graceful, these individuals are poised and occupy the painted space with mysterious confidence.

Louis paints with lively, inventive handling of this well-known medium. However, he uses more than a brush. He masterfully manipulates the surface of the painting and the paint itself, thus constructing fascinating textures and surface qualities. You will find that velvety thin glazes of paint move over the textured panel and mingle with thicker masses of dense pigment, making dramatic contrast in color and texture. His play of material and textural blemishes breathes life into the otherwise still figures. Sunflower, oil on cradled linen panel, 24 x18"

“The beauty of the paint, reflected in human figures, is compounded in the imperfections of the surface,” Louis says. “This collaboration is hidden and exquisitely revealed within the composition connecting line, color and texture into a magnificent study of human form and beauty.”

The viewer uniquely experiences these figures, primarily women in intimate poses. It genuinely feels as if we are witnessing a moment of recognition beyond our understanding and these meaningful glances rest in an unexpectedly ambiguous space. The Pearl, oil on cradled linen panel, 48 x 60"

A pop-up exhibition for Louis, at 347 Broome Street in New York City, will open December 3 with a reception at 6 p.m. It will remain on view until December 5. —
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