November 2021 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Foccus: Alina Eydel

A focus on the artwork of Alina Eydel

Although she works with many different mixed media materials, including gold and silver leaf, semi-precious stones and real butterfly wings, Alina Eydel is best known for her unique glass bead mosaics. She glues glass beads to the surfaces of her acrylic paintings, creating a spectacular and intricate mosaic-like effect that shimmers in the light and interacts with the viewer when seen from different angles. Eydel has been working with glass beads as a medium since 2003, after a family trip to Italy inspired her to reinterpret the traditional mosaics she saw there into a fun, contemporary new style.Tropical Kaleidoscope, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48"

“Making my paintings is a joyful experience and I believe that energy of joy translates through the visual surface,” Eydel explains. “Lately, I’ve been reinterpreting the colors of my subject matter, whether butterfly or botanical, and playing with overlapping the images like transparencies to take the compositions almost to the point of abstraction. My work ranges in subject matter from botanical to figurative to abstract, but my main goal is always harmony—lines and colors flow together and textures interact with each other harmoniously, and there is a healthy balance between boldness and detail, simplicity and interconnectedness.”

While beading the surfaces, Eydel plays with the interactions between directionality, texture, opacity and brilliance. The result is a visual experience that is simultaneously exciting and harmonious—a balance within itself. —

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