March 2020 Edition

Artist Focus

Jennifer Riefenberg

A focus on the art of Jennifer Riefenberg

Though Jennifer Riefenberg prefers painting from life, especially in plein air, she also takes what she has gained from direct observation into the studio. This includes the effects of light and shadow, color interpretations, composition and structure, and the artist’s perception and essence of each piece. Bull, oil, 18 x 24"

Where The Buffalo Roam, oil, 30 x 40"

“Painting is exploring and discovering, healing and learning, admiring and preserving,” she says. “As a painting takes on its own voice, it becomes a living experience with each brushstroke a breath toward its creation.”

Riefenberg is excited to be working on her newest series of wildlife paintings. “This series has been inspired by Henri Matisse and the Fauvists/cubists as well as through my own explorations and painting experiences—incorporated into my personal style,” she explains of the oil paintings that have unique colors and forms. “These works are quite involved, starting with a realistic drawing and underpainting to ensure the underlying structure of the composition is in place. I then push outside of this realism into a fragmented and colorist experience.”Chickens I, oil, 20 x 24"

She adds, “Like most, if not all artists, I love to paint and I hope that my artwork communicates the experiences that I have and captures the very essence of the beautiful world through my eyes and interpretation. I paint in various mediums, but am most at home outside with nature and oil paint. I am a fourth-generation Colorado native and have degrees in engineering and mathematics—so, yes, I do use both sides of my brain.” —

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