February 2020 Edition

Artist Focus

Debbie Mueller

A focus on the art of Debbie Mueller

“I was raised in New York and have lived in New England since 1978. My first art experience was reluctantly agreeing to paint with my mother on a rainy vacation day in February of 2016. That was a life-changing experience,” says artist Debbie Mueller. Within a matter of months after first picking up a paintbrush, her commitment to becoming a fine artist was forged, and she has set out to make up for lost time. "Monhegan Blues", oil on canvas, 36 x 48""Anachronisms of Hardwick", oil on canvas, 16 x 20"As a resident of the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire, Mueller, a practicing OB/GYN, can readily take advantage of the beauty that surrounds her, painting landscapes from the rural portions of Northern New England, the rocky coast of Maine, the boats in the many harbors and the location that inspires her most: Monhegan Island. Her eye is drawn to the contrast between light and shadow, and the goal in each of her works is a strong sense of illumination. "Beyond the Lobster Pound", oil on panel, 24 x 30"She strives for simplicity in design, eliminating details to leave the elements that convey light and place. Her works have been described as “Hopperesque, but with optimism.”“My studies with Todd Bonita, Timothy Horn and Peggi Kroll Roberts have helped me progress toward my goals,” says Mueller. “Plein air painting is a source of great inspiration and education, and I have survived my first plein air competition in Castine, Maine…My husband and I are proud parents of three charming and completely different daughters.” Mueller will have a show at the Kennedy Gallery in April 2020 titled A Love Affair with Home.

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