September 2019 Edition

Artist Focus

Susie Gách Peelle

A focus on the art of Susie Gách Peelle.

According to artist Susie Gách Peelle, “Creating a landscape is a challenging and exciting journey!” Inspiration is the driving force in the work of Peelle, who paints in the alla prima method whether on location or in her studio. Expressing passion through different mediums in an immediate style, Peelle captures the essence and mood of a scene, while still honoring accuracy.Leafless Forest, casein, 16 x 8"

“En plein air painting involves a race with light in capturing a moment in time, whether depicting a scene in Luxor, Egypt, or the Roosevelt Mansion perched on the hilltop estate on Long Island, or the lush fields in Provence, France,” she says. “The process is the same and committed to memory so that it serves as a great practice tool to facilitate the renderings painted in the studio from personal photographs, like a rainy day in Venice, Italy, or a vast New York snowscape.”The Rain in Venice, oil, 10 x 8"

Snowscape, watercolor, ink and gouache, 22 x 30"

Art has been a natural and constant activity throughout Peelle’s life; she is the third generation in the field. Born in Budapest, Hungary, she lived in Beirut, Lebanon, before residing in the United States. An M.F.A., extensive exhibiting, traveling, teaching and commissions have contributed to her diverse art career in which landscape painting remains a unique and fulfilling endeavor.

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