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Artist Focus: Christina Grace Mastrangelo

For her solo exhibition, What Nature Whispers, classical realist painter Christina Grace Mastrangelo explores the delicate affinities between nature and humans. Inspired by the natural world and compelled to find grounding and peace in her surroundings, Mastrangelo’s exhibition features orchestrated conversations between still life, figure, flora and fauna that suggest the depth and interconnectedness of us all. In tribute to their existence, each object is carefully and realistically rendered, and yet the subtle idealizations and compositional choices lead us beyond mimesis into the captivating realm of the sublime.

Contemplation (Rebirth), oil on linen over panel, 24 x 24"

“My painting ideas live with me for a long time before they ever make it to canvas,” says the artist. “They become distilled through lengthy contemplation so as to show only what is absolutely necessary to communicate my sentiments. I am interested in making paintings that show the better parts of the human soul—acts of introspection, curiosity, conviction, connection—and it is my hope that when each portrait is viewed, it’s the inner narrative one sees over the external beauty of the portrait. In my recent florals and still-lifes, the narrative becomes more playful, showing the communion of a bee with a flower, or a caterpillar peeking out to share a few insights…It’s all imaginary to the point of almost child-like wonder about the essence of other beings. I attribute this to being the mother of a toddler—an artist immersed in a child’s pure world.”

The Wild Canary’s Story, graphite on paper, 10 x 8"


Delicate Ritual, oil on linen over panel, 9 x 12"

What Nature Whispers runs through July 3, at the Guild of Boston Artists in Boston and showcases approximately 40 of Mastrangelo’s paintings and drawings. Visit www.guildofbostonartists.org for additional show details. —

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