December 2023 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Kathleen Kinkopf

Kathleen Kinkopf has been creating art since she can remember. Growing up in rural Ohio offered a wholesome upbringing but little art inspiration, so after earning a bachelor’s degree in fine art from Miami University, she headed to the big city to seek new opportunities. The journey led her to a career in graphic design and illustration in Texas and Colorado, and eventually to New Mexico.

Resonant Gathering, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 44"

Stunned and inspired by the Southwest landscape, light, culture and world-class art community, her creative quest was finally fulfilled, sealing her fate as a full-time painter.

Aerial Duet, acrylic on panel, 24 x 24"

“I am a visual storyteller, continually moved and inspired by the magic of nature and the human spirit,” says Kinkopf. This statement is indelibly woven into the artist's imagery. The female figure is most often the heart of the piece, nestled peacefully in other-worldly landscapes and encircled with botanicals and a variety of creatures. “She is in harmony with the earth, radiating both strength and tranquility,” says Kinkopf. Infused with symbology and mythology, the viewer is drawn in by the realistic detail and dramatic light, then unexpectedly enters an illusory world that tickles the imagination and speaks to the soul.

Migration, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 40 x 30"

Kinkopf recently exchanged the high desert of New Mexico for the lowlands of Florida, where she is finding fresh inspiration for her work. Her paintings have been exhibited and collected nationally. —

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