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Artist Focus: John C. Moffitt

John C. Moffitt is a self-taught artist from Southern California who has been creating artwork professionally for more than four decades as a muralist, illustrator and scenic artist.

Up Against The Wall Mr. Howard, oil on linen canvas, 13 x 25"

Prior to working with noted muralist Garth Benton to execute the murals for the Getty Villa Museum in Malibu, and the pair’s decade-long collaboration creating murals for the homes of many celebrities and notable figures, Moffitt’s early trompe l’oeil and surrealistic oil paintings were winning awards and being added to personal collections.

His fine art aspirations frequently shelved, his interest in large-scale painting eventually led him to the entertainment industry where he worked to create backdrops, murals, fine artwork and portraiture for hundreds of motion picture and television productions. In 2018 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Art Directors Guild for his work.

Top of the Heap, oil on canvas, 54 x 70"

Moffitt retired in 2014 to once again devote himself to creating tromp l’oeil and magical realism images. Whether tackling the assassination of a notorious Western icon by depicting actual historical objects woven into an account of the event, or portraying symbolic imagery in reimagined arrangements, his attention to every detail has always captivated viewers.

Texas Triangle, oil on linen canvas, 26 x 20"

The artist notes, “I believe history will favor those artists whose work embodies not only painting technique and subject matter, but also demonstrates the essence of art since man began painting representations on cave walls—artwork that tells stories that inspire wonder with symbolic and metaphorical meaning pertinent to the human condition.” —

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