December 2023 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Daniel Keys

“Being a sort of storyteller with pigments and paints, I am most inspired by what grows in my small garden and the items I’ve amassed over the years from scouring antique shops (and on occasion, my parents’ China cabinets),” shares still life artist Daniel Keys. “When combined, they become the players in a complex visual symphony and I can find endless satisfaction in composing, and then recreating the scene before me onto a canvas. Beauty can certainly be found halfway across the world but importantly—and possibly most importantly—it also exists in our own spaces.”

A Sense of Place Gallery, Monochrome Roses, pastel on paper, 9 x 15", by Daniel Keys.

As he’s grown older, Keys finds he appreciates these ideas more and more. “I like being home. I like being in the garden, taking the dog for a walk or painting alongside friends in my local art group,” he says. I’m enjoying being artistically present in my hometown where I can contribute the most to the artistic development of my local community. For me, the fabric of art, home and friendship can be seamlessly intertwined and mix to create a rich and satisfying life, and finding others who share in these interests and values has been a tremendous blessing in many ways.”

A Sense of Place Gallery, Summer Hues, oil on linen, 24 x 18", by Daniel Keys.

It is through fostering community with his fellow artists that Keys met, and befriended, Brian and Kristen Boroski. “This past August, I was thrilled to learn that Kristen became the new owner of the very gallery—A Sense of Place Gallery—where we meet each week and show our work. It’s been a remarkable journey to invest in my hometown and see the fruits of friendship and art-appreciation grow.”

An exhibition of Keys work is on view at A Sense of Place Gallery through November 18. —

A Sense of Place Gallery, Summer Harvest, oil on linen, 30 x 30", by Daniel Keys.

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