November 2023 Edition

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Artist Focus: Terri Ford

Terri Ford began drawing at an early age and continued the practice throughout her life, so the medium of pastel was a natural choice for the native Californian. Pastels were like making paintings with a drawing implement, and over the course of many years of experience with them, she has expanded that concept greatly. Ford’s subject matter has changed over time, but for many years now her focus has been on the ever-shifting qualities of light and how it reflects on the landscape. 

Morning Moon, pastel, 16 x 20”

“I paint things that we all pass by and can see but not necessarily see as art potential,” says Ford. “I am always viewing things with an interest in color, texture, composition and value. A combination of some of these elements often create a poetic resonance that makes me see the possible painting.” 

Hidden Cove, pastel, 18 x 24” 

Ford’s travels to France have been especially inspirational, providing her with a window into a world that she finds fascinating. She is intrigued by the ancient stonework and structures that were advanced enough to withstand the test of time. She brings this same interest to her home state of California, where the sand dunes of the Carmel and Pacific Grove area attract her with their ever-changing formations and the reflective quality of the light. During her two year hiatus from teaching, Ford will continue to explore the places and light that fascinate and inspire her. —

Morning Amber, pastel, 18 x 18” 

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