November 2023 Edition

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Artist Focus: Elena Zolotnitsky

Born and raised in Moscow, Elena Zolotnitsky received her art training at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. Studying the world’s best cinematic jewels as a kind of visual poetry deeply influenced Zolotnitsky’s approach to art making, which revolves around transformation. She selects forms for their complexity and archetypal character, without concern for the inherent meaning of the subject. Her emotionally-charged paintings are a form of discovery and revelation that frequently change course in progress. She works intuitively and quickly, allowing the sum of her experience to direct the action, aiming to maintain freshness in the finished work. Her method of painting requires one-minded focus, rapid decision-making, and recognition of the value of accidents.

L’amour Bleu oil on paper mounted on panel, 32 x 28"


Blue Is The Night, oil on paper, 19¼ x 18½"

Zolotnitsky communicates with a smart visual lexicon informed by art history and aesthetic theory, and a wide range of influences surface in her work, from the Flemish School to Diebenkorn, Memling to Modigliani. More than literal reinventions, her paintings visualize the sensations and emotions she experiences when viewing the art she most admires. “I aim to visualize authentic feelings of enchantment and mystery that will resonate with others,” says Zolotnitsky. “I trust that honestly reflective, thoughtfully and artfully made paintings will find points of connection with others. To create and for another to respond—to be led to experience the same depth of feeling that led to its creation—that is magic.” —

SOLO, oil on panel, 14 x 14"

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