October 2023 Edition

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Artist Focus: Marsha Hamby Savage

Marsha Hamby Savage has created art for over 50 years with landscapes being a main source of inspiration. She attributes her love of nature to the era she grew up in. “Mom always said ‘don’t come back inside until I call you for dinner!’ That meant going several houses down, playing in a creek, creating forts, climbing trees…," she explains. “So I paint trees and rocks and water, to name a few things that always inspire me.”

Smooth as Glass, pastel, 16 x 20"

Savage also likes to experiment with still life, flowers, figures, animals and sometimes abstract work too. “An artist is on a journey that never ends, a journey to learn more,” she says. “That means I have loads of studies and half-finished artwork to return to for trying new ideas.”

Mimosa Fun, oil, 20 x 16"

Savage participates in several regional plein air events each year, where she enjoys being part of a community of artists. “Artists depend on friendships of our fellow travelers in this artistic journey for understanding and discussions about being an artist,” shares Marsha. Invitational shows, art competitions, solo and group shows have always been part of Savage’s journey, and she has won awards and attained Signature and Master status in  several art organizations. 

The Tree Sees, oil, 20 x 16"

“I have been represented by many galleries, and feel lucky to currently have three great galleries in Georgia,” she says. “I work hard to keep learning by putting my pieces out there for input. With these experiences, I have knowledge to share when giving talks, demos and teaching private lessons and workshops.” —

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