October 2023 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: M. Camille Day

M. Camille Day, known as Candy to friends and family, is an artist from north Georgia, who paints both in plein air and in her studio, capturing the people, places and things that inspire her. She says that she was once advised to concentrate on one genre, but quickly realized that would not be true to her own spirit and imagination. “It just wouldn’t be me!” She says.

One Last Look, oil, 16 x 20"

Camille is inspired by the light around and the story behind her subjects, and often seeks to find the beauty in unlikely places such as a pine branch, old barns and cemetery angels. But, she says, “I guess if I have a favorite subject, it’s the human form, both figurative and portraits.” These comprise most of her commissioned work, which also includes animals and even memorabilia. “I also love the figure in the landscape and always look for opportunities to include both when I can.”

Sienna Sun, oil, 16 x 12"


King of Pops, oil, 20 x 16"

She feels fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country and will share the north Georgia landscape with her fellow artists as host to the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast for their yearly retreat in October. “I can’t wait to show them around our farms, quaint towns, vineyards and mountains,” she says. “There might even be a few interesting people to paint too!” —

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