September 2023 Edition

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Peregrine O’Gormley

Peregrine O’Gormley’s father and grandfather were both sculptors. “My grandfather gave me my first red pinch wax at age four and he honored my first miniature zoo menagerie by casting them in silver and mounting them on ebony bases the following Christmas,” says O’Gormley. This sculpture heritage continues to inform and inspire O’Gormley, including the derivation of casting limited bronze editions of his own work.

Trajectory Blue, yew, carved 14k gold, OSHA blue oil paint, 2 x 5 x 3"

“Ideas that come to me inspire the imagery and the pull to create the physical forms,” he says. “The natural world provides limitless subject matter, but the ideas are more about human experience than about the subjects themselves. Perhaps better, would be to describe the ideas as deriving from living experience; being more universal than the human experience.

Turn, western red cedar, 23 x 21 x 22"

“I believe reducing an image to its essentials provides the viewer with space to delve into the intent and voice of the piece rather than the complexity of the piece itself,” O’Gormley continues. “Often the actual subject of my work acts as representative or emissary of an idea, sometimes obvious, but often personal.”

When I’m Bigger, dendritic soapstone, basalt, 6½ x 5½ x 6"

O’Gormley will be showing his work in many upcoming exhibitions including this month in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at the National Museum of Wildlife Art from September 9 through October 1; and at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin, from September 9 through November 26. —

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