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Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Daniela Schnebly

Daniela Schnebly is a contemporary artist producing original, unique work in mixed media and oils.

Schnebly transforms license plates and found objects into colorful mixed media pieces. She has toiled to master these difficult materials, spending years perfecting both the designs and the process. She cuts, sands, paints, drills, bends and splits various objects with exacting detail before arranging them into familiar images.

Fly Over Map, found objects, metal, wood, paint. 41 x 72"

She equates her demanding process of producing art to her existence. “I’ve always turned really lousy materials into magic my whole life,” Schnebly says.

Schnebly is continually thinking of new ways to reuse resources. “As an advocate of recycling, it is important to me to recover a percentage of the abundant scrap left over from living our modern lives,” she adds.

Her usages of familiar subjects range from flora and fauna to maps and flags, to explosions of quadrangular form and color that unfold throughout her cohesive body of work.

Bananas, metal, wood, paint, 13 x 15"

Schnebly was born and raised in Los Angeles. She has a formal classic arts education from the University of Southern California and from Arizona State University, and has expertise with many materials and manufacturing techniques. While in graduate school, she founded a design studio in Santa Monica, California, that manufactured home decor and fashion accessories for global retailers like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, TJX Companies and myriad West Coast boutiques.

Schnebly’s mother is a writer and oil painter, and she first became interested in art while watching her mother paint. Her family wrote Arizona history when the pioneers Sedona Schnebly and Theodore Carl Schnebly ventured west to establish the town of Sedona, Arizona.

1777 Flag, found objects, metal, wood, paint, 27 x 40"

“Like my ancestors, I continue to be trailblazing with my art,” she says. “Passionately driven to produce original mixed media that fuses my finer art with my recycled art, my hope is to generate new thoughts around aesthetics and genres to create a new category inspired by flora and fauna, food, architecture-structure and design.”

Schnebly’s work will be on view at the Reno Tahoe International Art Show September 14 through 17 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada. —

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