September 2023 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Dan Chen

Dan Chen is an award-winning wildlife artist. He was an accomplished young painter when he immigrated from Canton, China, in 1984. After art school in San Francisco, he founded a business creating unusual ceramic art distributed through stores such as Gump’s, Macys and Bloomingdale’s. His business thrived, but he craved more artistic freedom and started over with a new life in Eugene, Oregon.

Bronze Coast Gallery, One in Every Bunch, bronze, ed. of 15, 15 x 24 x 13", by Dan Chen.

Since that time, Chen has focused entirely on nature and wildlife art. “Nature and wildlife are a major theme in my work. I cannot fathom the mystery, yet perfect balance of the natural world. Its color, shape, design, function, even its emotion excites me,” Chen says. A solid foundation in many mediums and techniques has allowed him to perfect his own approach and methods. His knowledge of Eastern and Western art disciplines informs his pleasing and dramatic style.

Bronze Coast Gallery, Crowning Achievement, bronze, ed. of 26, 10½  x 21 x 12", by Dan Chen.

Chen has an upcoming exhibition at Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon, from September 15 through September 17. —

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