June 2023 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Elizabeth Butler

Twice Enchanted, oil and pewter leaf on wood panel, 30 x 60"

Artist Elizabeth Butler’s deepest inspiration is to experience love through seeing beauty. “It’s sort of an untouchable experience, when you see a beautiful sunset and gasp,” she says. “It is just beauty with no need for justification or ulterior motive and so it is love. I have always been obsessed with beauty, and more specifically, the beauty found in nature.”

Backyard Oranges, oil on wood panel, 18 x 18"

Butler’s favorite visual memories are lying down in the grass, looking up at a tree and watching the light dance through the openings in between the branches and leaves. “I could stare for hours letting the canopy envelop my senses as perfectly random, and infinitely pleasing patterns of color and shape repeat in the most magnificent way—never bored because in nature not a single thing is actually repeated exactly,” she says. “It is loaded with diversity and variety, while totally in balance and harmony.”

Blue Dance, oil on wood panel, 30 x 30"

In her work, Butler is always seeking balance and harmony in random repetition, often in a maximalist fashion. “Sometimes I try to physically recreate it with organic matter by making floral arrangements and involving myself in the collaboration of shapes…Other times I enjoy observing it, like with an orange tree, and try to directly communicate the visual beauty of random patterning presented to me.”

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Represented by Gallery MAR
Carmel, CA
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Instagram:  @elizabethbutler_fineart 

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