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Artist Focus: Barbara Fracchia

Figurative and landscape painter Barbara Fracchia enjoys exploring the unusual in her subject matter. “My ideas are a bit above the norm but incorporate the classical elements of painting,” says Fracchia, who describes her work as a combination of impressionistic plein air style for landscapes and illustrative for figures.

Two Can Play, oil on canvas, 20 x 18"

“Born in the ‘other state’ of New Jersey, I knew I always wanted to be an artist,” she says. Her father was a recognized fine artist and her aunt an award-winning pastelist. When Fracchia moved to California she worked as a graphic artist for many years, and eventually started drawing pen and ink illustrations for real estate companies. “Drawing was always a favorite form of art for me, and I decided to try painting as an added skill and this opened a whole new world for me,” she relates.

Perfect Trio, oil on canvas, 16 x 20"

She paints landscapes, figures and other public scenes. Her latest body of work focuses on the world of jazz. About the decision to introduce jazz scenes into her paintings she writes, “I am a true opera snob, but when one’s brother is a jazz musician it is time for a change. Art should have a great variance of subjects, and I found jazz most interesting. To get up close to the musicians and capture the passion of their music and expressions was entirely different from the classical musicians. Why, they even smile when they play. So enjoy these great innovative musicians. I certainly did.”

Jazz at Lincoln Center, oil on canvas, 30 x 24"

Fracchia will be featured in an exhibition that opens on June 8 at Montserrat Contemporary Art in New York City. —

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