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February 2023 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Oksana

A closer look at the artwork of Oksana

Oksana is a painter and art teacher who was born and raised near the Baltic Sea. After formal academic training where she honed her techniques, she taught drawing and painting for six years at a university. Later, she became a professional graphic designer.GalleryCoronado, Getting off the Ground, watercolor with mixed media on rigid French paper, 16 x 20", by Oksana.“My technique differs from customary watercolor techniques and incorporates other mediums,” she says. “I created my own method of working with watercolor that makes my pieces bright and expressive. In my artwork, I want to portray the incredible and beautiful world that God created and arouse kind and beautiful feelings.”GalleryCoronado, Awakening Inspiration, watercolor with mixed media on rigid French paper, 20 x 28", by Oksana.“Working with watercolors feels like I’m living my life,” Oksana continues. “Watercolor paintings are so light, fresh and create a unique and special atmosphere. I can work with watercolors in any style, experimenting with different effects. The main difference between watercolors and other types of paints is its weightlessness and lightness. It is quickly absorbed by the paper and when it dries, the micro-texture of the paper is visible to the color, adding another dimension to the brightness of my palette.”GalleryCoronado, Valley of Dreams, watercolor with mixed media on rigid French paper, 16 x 20", by Oksana.For Oksana, like many of her paintings, Valley of Dreams is about never giving up hope. The sparkling flowers amid the mountains, the first light of dawn and signs of spring come together in a design reminiscent of a patchwork quilt. Getting Off the Ground has a similar message. “Whatever difficulties and challenges you are facing, do not let them defeat you,” she says. “Break away from the hustle and soar high in your dreams.” Awakening Inspiration is about taking action to transform the world. “We feel the harmony between the inner and outer world, the unity and integrity,” she says. “The world is illuminated with new sounds and colors. Strive for it with all your soul—and it will definitely visit you at the right moment.” —

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