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February 2023 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Jing Zhao

A closer look at the artwork of Jing Zhao

Jing Zhao was born and raised in Qingdao, China, and now lives in Frisco, Texas. She has been drawing since the age of five and began her formal art education when she was 11 with a private art teacher. For seven years she drew every day in hopes of someday attending the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the most presitigious fine art academy in China. For various reasons, she studied law instead. But art has always been a companion to her.Big Sister, oil, 24 x 20"Zhao enjoys creating portraits, figures and landscapes that express a certain beauty she finds in vignettes from daily life.

“I have traveled [to] a lot of countries in the world and I try to hold on to a child-like curiosity and use a well-trained eye to see the qualities and characteristics of beauty that I am after,” shares Zhao. She considers herself an impressionist and loves to use oil to create a poetic interpretation of light and color with strong design and bold brushstrokes. “It is not my goal to merely depict the scene I see, but rather use my artistic eye to express my inner response towards what I see,” she says

When painting from life, Zhao captures what she initially sees, interprets it and aims to communicate her vision of it. “The visual vocabulary has a lot to do with how I see and capture the way nature’s colors are influenced by the light and atmosphere. When I am back at the studio, I try to remember what attracted me in the moment and I combine both studies from life and photos to create my unique paintings,” she says.The Face Painted Boy, oil, 20 x 16"

Cuzco Street, oil, 18 x 18"

Zhao’s work has been juried in numerous national exhibitions and plein air shows around the country and has won numerous awards. She holds signature status in several distinguished organization including Oil Painters of America and American Impressionist Society. —

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