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Artist Focus: L.HUNT

A look at the artwork of L.HUNT

L.HUNT describes his work as generally “narrative figurative.” “I’ve done many portraits of people in the past, but I feel more satisfied when doing pieces that have some story or conflict to be told in them,” says L.HUNT. “These go beyond the simple painting of a person looking into the camera. Pieces that make someone stop and consider while enjoying the composition, color and technique—that’s what I’m striving for.” Crest and Trough, acrylic on illustration board, 30 x 20"

That is what drew L.Hunt to a new book project which entails illustrating a fresh, new translation of Arthur Rimbaud’s cryptic, symbolist poem The Drunken Boat.

The poem set in 1890s France, "is the tragic tale of a man who would rather die than to be told what to do, and what the results of a life like that lead to,” explains the artist. “I can paint a lot of human emotion into the difficult circumstances this man puts himself in. The elements of the story allow me to have an expansive, moody, splashy series of paintings which I enjoy producing. One of the fascinating things about the poem is that it parallels the man’s journey of his drunken stupor with a boat or ship on stormy seas. So not only am I able to do narrative figurative work, but also Parisian landscapes and architecture, splashing ocean waves, abstract concepts, along with the beautiful design of a Spanish galleon sailing off the edge of the world.”Stanza 18, acrylic and colored pencil on illustration board, 15 x 20"L.HUNT will host his solo show The Drunken Boat which opens with a reception on October 29 from 2 to 4 p.m. at his gallery in Eastvale, California. —

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