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Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Jordanne Perkins

A look at the artwork of Jordanne Perkins

Artist Jordanne Perkins paints scenes of Maui including landscapes, roosters, gardeners, seascapes and anything that captures her imagination. She has a multifaceted ability to paint special moments with passion and spontaneity. The artist works in her own signature style of thick, luscious, painterly brushstrokes at times applied with a palette knife. Sometimes she incorporates subtle abstract and contemporary elements into her pieces but the old, master impressionists remain her inspiration. “I use thick and thin paint to create moments where the brain needs to put the painting together rather than have it be a painting of perfection,” Perkins says. Her creative process entails both painting en plein air and going on adventures with her two small children. What she sees becomes stories in her mind that she then uses paint to express. She completes each painting in one sitting with the wet-on-wet technique known as alla prima.Rainbow Eucalyptus, oil, 12 x 12"

Mr. Big Stuff, oil, 16 x 12"

Upcountry Jacaranda, oil, 24 x 36"

“I am drawn to stories in the landscape,” Perkins explains. “Such as when the light finds a way through the trees, or when low clouds create a shadow on Haleakala or the mountains.”

Perkins has been representing herself for over 20 years in Hawaii. She showcases her work at two Four Seasons Resorts and has established two galleries on two islands. Her flagship gallery is located in the foot hills of Haleakala in the historic town of Makawao on the island of Maui. —

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