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Artist Focus

Artist Focus: W. Truman Hosner

A look at the artwork of W. Truman Hosner

Everything Old is New Again, pastel, 24 x 30"“If you have had the pleasure of meeting W. Truman Hosner, a.k.a Bill, you know that he wears his charm on his lapel,” says Margaret DeDecker, co-owner of Claggett/Rey Gallery in Edwards, Colorado. “Always a gentleman, Hosner’s chivalry is omnipresent, be it in his artwork or his kind prose encouraging his friends and acquaintances. Like his kind words, his paintings are framed poetry with colors flowing with elements of surprise and enticement. The elusive shimmer of light and color are no secret to Hosner’s approach of capturing time with his skillfully crafted vignettes. Always painting on the spot, Hosner absorbs the reflections and refractions of nature’s palette.” DeDecker continues, “Through his eyes, as through his pastels, he layers the details of life through his perspective. His accolades lay the foundation for a gently winding road aligning a consummate student and teacher.”The Taylor Ranch, Cambria, pastel, 16 x 24"

California Story, pastel, 24 x 30"

Hosner says, “I look at my life in open air painting as a diary without words. My paintings become the pages of that diary.”  He paints as he exists in his life—with acute awareness to the important details that tell the story. Claggett/Rey Gallery has had the honor of representing Hosner’s work since 2014 and looks forward to each new painting. “If your collection is not graced with one of Bill’s creations, you are in for a treat,” says DeDecker. “And if you're already a collector, be prepared to be dazzled.” Hosner’s work is currently on display at the gallery and all are invited to enjoy a tour of the collection. —

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