July 2022 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Martin Köster

A focus on the artwork of Martin Köster

When viewing Martin Köster’s art for the first time, you can feel and absorb his intentions, latching onto a thought process filled with curiosity. Viewers can make the journey through a fantastic gallery of strict vanishing points in oil paintings that merge with emotions to form an artwork that, in its triviality, still remains absolutely unique.Artist Martin Köster gets a bird's eye view of the cityscape when he paints on the rooftops of skyscrapersKöster will not be deterred by dizzying heights or danger in order to achieve his goal of internalizing a city’s soul and transforming it into paint, bringing in his own experiences with every stroke of the brush. Be it a skyscraper, helicopter or an image of rush hour, the artist specializes in drawing from the roofs of the skyline and showing the vividness of a city from above. While many painters enjoy nature, Köster’s approach to draw from high places is inspiringly new. “Every time I am surprised how much life I can observe down below. I feel the freedom and seclusion which inspire me,” explains Köster.NYC Warm Lights II, oil on canvas, 59 x 51"New York out of the Dark III, oil on canvas, 43 x 43"In 2018, Köster received his first invitations to international exhibitions. A few years later, the contrast between dark buildings and bright lights has reached the international art world. He has gained an international following and been the subject of successful exhibitions in London, New York, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Paris and many other cities worldwide. —

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Represented by Kunst-Schaefer Gallery
Faulbrunnenstr 11
65183 Wiesbaden, Germany
Instagram: @martink_art

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