July 2022 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Laura Pollak

A focus on the artwork of Laura Pollak

Laura Pollak’s paintings have gained global attention and can be found in exhibitions, museums, private collections and publications worldwide. Pollak’s popularity and success as an artist is often attributed to her ability to create visual drama and mystery that have garnered her top awards.Inner Fire, soft pastel, 20 x 16"

Pollak’s paintings also have a unique characteristic that is difficult to achieve—they seem to glow.

The artist likens it to “planting lightbulbs.” Pollak says, “When I began painting years ago, my only goal was to achieve some semblance of the landscape scene before me. I was just chasing light. Now, I make my own light!”

In her daily explorations, Pollak created a series of paintings that looked as if she had planted a lightbulb in the painting. Instead of being illuminated from an external source of light, like the sun, these works appear to glow from within the painting itself—a quality that has become Pollak’s distinctive, trademark style.Surface Tension, soft pastel, 20 x 16"Choosing soft pastels as her medium because of their vibrancy and lasting color, Pollak’s paintings have been termed abstract realism in that they contain recognizable elements yet lean towards abstraction with powerful elements of design.

Pollak’s philosophy is: “Abstract art is like a great work of fiction—some reality, mixed with imagination that allows you the viewer to engage and finish the story!”Core Illumination, soft pastel, 20 x 16"Pollak has received the highest levels of accolades in her field including Signature Status in the Pastel Society of America and Master Circle Level in the International Association of Pastel Societies. —

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