June 2022 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: C. Dutch

Coda Gallery in Palm Desert, California, showcases C. Dutch’s recent works that combine painting and sculpture.

Artist C. Dutch has spent his life exploring and experimenting with light. A graduate of the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, he has received numerous awards and acknowledgments for his photographic achievements. Using handmade optics, polymer films, acrylic and resin, his most recent works hover between painting and sculpture.C. Dutch with artwork.

Although each piece appears to be a powered lightbox, in reality they collect available light and amplify it back into the environment. Inside each lucite box composition, light is shaped, bent and sculpted as if a solid, then blended, merged and projected, creating an illusion of three dimensionality. The colors in each piece vary based on the viewer’s position as well as the changing light throughout the day and night. Concentric Array, acrylic, polymers and polyesters, 48 x 48”

Multiflora, acrylic, polymers and polyesters, 40 x 40”

The artist’s influences include photographic techniques, optics and distinctly southern California art movements such as Light and Space, Finish Fetish aesthetics and Op art.

“Light in a work can express many emotions including strength, sensitivity, awe, wonder, calm and enlightenment,” C. Dutch remarks. —

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Represented by Coda Gallery
73400 El Paseo | Palm Desert, CA 92260
(760) 346-4661 | www.codagallery.com 

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