December 2021 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Marsha Hamby Savage

A focus on the artwork of Marsha Hamby Savage

Marsha Hamby Savage’s paintings all start with a feeling—a glace at something that catches her attention. “It creates a place to start my painting. My brain starts wondering about the objects and a story starts developing. The painting begins taking on a life of its own,” says the Georgia-based artist. “My hope is the story continues in the person viewing the painting. It may even be a different story they see and feel. It may be a discovery around a bend in the road or some mysterious aspect of the scene.”Blue Morning, oil, 20 x 24"

Blackberry Rock, oil, 24 x 20"

As she works on a piece, Savage lets the paint or pastel “do its own thing” at times and is open to paths that show up. Her biggest growth tends to happen when she experiments with those diversions. She says, “Starting again on a failed painting leads to experimenting since nothing is precious any longer. It is fun to pull out an older canvas to experiment on, and try out new ideas. Many of my paintings may be several versions, one on top of another...or just a previous unsuccessful part. Of course, there are many times a painting works from the original intention through to the end. The journey and the process should be where we find the joy in painting. The end product is just the icing on the cake!”Underwater, pastel, 10 x 8"

Savage is represented in Georgia by Frameworks Gallery in Marietta and by High Country Art Gallery in Blue Ridge. —

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