December 2021 Edition

Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Jian Wu

A focus on the artwork of Jian Wu

During Jian Wu’s more than five decades of artistic pursuit he has painted a wide range of subjects from cubic-style cityscape exploration done as a young artist fresh out of college, to experimental impressionist landscape works exhibited in galleries. However, none of these, the artist says, has shaped his approach to artistic expressions as deeply and strongly as portraiture. Tibetan Red, acrylic, 21 x 15"“[The] portrait is conventionally regarded as one of the most difficult subjects to paint, for it requires skilled brush techniques as well as in-depth understanding of human anatomy,” says Wu. “I am looking for something that is beyond likeness and beautiful [in] lighting and color; I’ve been searching for heart and soul inside the portrait I am painting. The human being is a mysterious existence in my artistic world. While people are connected ever so closely both literally and virtually nowadays, each still stands as an isolated individual. Inside each one of us, there is a whole world where thoughts and emotions are constantly changing and evolving.”Her Dark Scarf, acrylic, 24 x 18"

Pause, acrylic and watercolor, 21 x 15"

The artist strives toward capturing something that reveals who we really are, as well as what distinguishes one human being from another. In order to move closer and closer to this goal, Wu makes it a point to give himself freedom in using different mediums, always establishes a strong focal point and pays close attention to the backdrop, adding that he utilizes “texture and color shift in background rendering to create flowing air around the portrait. Texture and color shifting create a subtle motion that blends with the foreground seamlessly.” —

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