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Artist Focus

Artist Focus: Josef Kote

A focus on the artwork of Josef Kote

For Josef Kote, style is not something you fall into but is developed over time. From his point of view, artistic style is what you appreciate visually and technically—it’s how you see the world and execute your ideas. “In my particular case, I’ve always wanted to create a [style] that was reflective of me and my personality, and I feel that I’ve achieved that by creating artworks that have a good balance of the combination of realistic and abstract elements,” says Kote, “a [style] that allows me to express my vision.”

He continues, “My passion for art and life itself is mostly what inspires my work. I do spend lots of time in nature observing the natural world, life, people, light, darkness, shapes and colors, so I would say that nature is my ultimate muse. Emotions are also a source of my artistic inspiration—caused by good or bad memories, they can drive my mind to come up with different ideas and the moment where those feelings transform into a concept is when the magic happens.” 

Kote believes the ability to notice and observe is of prime importance when it comes to finding inspiration. He says, “When art comes from a place inside you, your art will inevitably be your own.” Kote is represented by Cutter & Cutter Fine Art in St. Augustine, Florida; Ocean Galleries in Stone Harbor, New Jersey; and Onessimo Fine Art in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. —

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