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Artist Focus: Carolyn Latanision

A focus on the artwork of Carolyn Latanision

For artist Carolyn Latanision, painting architectural subjects probably comes from living just a few blocks from the main plant of Bethlehem Steel Corporation in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. “The drama of the structures, the trains and the sounds became a very personal part of me,” she says. “While I do paint architectural subjects often, I am also very drawn to figurative work. The continual change of subject matter keeps me inspired…Just as I can’t envision that steel plant without remembering the many people who worked there, people and architecture have figured prominently in my work and in both cases, urban scenes are frequently depicted.”Iron Foundry Walls, Bethlehem Steel, watercolor, 21 x 29"

Another Day, Olsen House, Maine, watercolor, 25 x 20"

Latanision has always worked with watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil paints, but watercolor endures as her medium of choice for its continual challenges and effects. The excitement of that challenge extends to her subject matter, as she never wants to be tied down to one specific area.  Engine Flywheel, Bethlehem Steel, watercolor, 21 x 21"She is an elected member of Allied Artists of America, American Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society as well as an active Copley Master in Copley Society of Art in Boston—among other national affiliations. —

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