January 2021 Edition

Artist Focus

Nick Eisele

A focus on the artwork of Nick Eisele

Chiaroscuro techniques coupled with unusual pairings and thoughtful compositions is the basis of Nick Eisele’s current work. Bringing to life a mix of unusual and commonplace objects, the artist aims to create a compelling narrative to the viewer in each painting.
“I believe that the use of light and shadow is the ultimate tool, allowing a story to unfold,” says Eisele.Melancholia, oil on panel, 11 x 14"

Each composition is a visual experiment aimed at creating an image that is in perfect balance. Playing with the placement of objects to create tension, reflection or an interesting narrative reveals a world that the artist sees, or one he imagines—captivating and complex, full of hidden facets waiting to be discovered.

“By nature, I am a reserved person who works best left alone to experiment with visual ideas,” he says. “Still life painting suits me; it allows me to explore the things that I find interesting with great concentration. My compositions are built around a spark generated from a dominating visual element—the iridescent glint of a metal, the color harmony of one form against another or the abstract negative space between objects. I painstakingly design my compositions to best amplify and accentuate that initial idea.”Aura, oil on panel, 16 x 20"

Self Isolation, oil on panel, 8 x 10"For Eisele, mood and emotion are key. In particular, space and tonal drama are two very effective emotional devices that he employs regularly. “I owe much of this practice to the still life painter whom I most admire, Emil Carlsen,” says Eisele. “One of my most recent paintings, Melancholia, is at once a nod to Carlsen and an exploration of my own occasional states of loneliness.” —

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