January 2021 Edition

Artist Focus

Marsha Hamby Savage

A focus on the artwork of Marsha Hamby Savage

“I feel lucky to live in the southern United States, an area full of trees, rocks and water. These elements in nature always continue to amaze and inspire me. I tend to paint them more than any other motif,” says artist Marsha Hamby Savage, who creates colorful landscape paintings in pastel, oil or acrylic. She continues, “But when I travel, whether it is ocean and waves, the Southwest, Ireland or France, I am equally entranced by the colors and movements in those locations.” When painting on location, Savage gets lost in the beauty of her natural surroundings.Cascade Melody, pastel, 18 x 24"

Spring Is Coming, oil, 20 x 24"

Tubing It Easy, pastel, 11 x 14"

“Recently I was painting by the river in North Georgia and a dragonfly flew to me, sitting on the corner of my easel for a good 30 minutes,” says the artist. “I was amazed and honored! I almost always have on a dragonfly earring or necklace. They are considered messengers, and I knew I was being told this was a special place to paint.”

Savage doesn’t copy exactly what she sees but instead endeavors to re-create the feelings of those moments. When painting in the studio from her references, Savage says she closes her eyes and remembers the sounds and the feeling of the air. The inspiration then returns to her as if she’s outside again. She says, “I am no longer bound by the reference before me. To paint is to gather the facts but arrange them so they are not a copy, but an impression of what I am seeing and feeling.” —

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